Top 5 Trending Topics in Philippines: Drugs, Killings, Corruption and….Baby Boss?

After three days, Filipinos are still talking about the gruesome killing of Ozamis mayor Rey Parojinog, his wife and several others by PNP operatives. There are mixed reactions about the killing. Some thinks that Parojinog knew some involvement of several narcopoliticians, and was probably "silenced". While most think that the raid was an appropriate response... Continue Reading →

The killing of the Parojinogs had a chilling effect on 3 popular politicians

While he was still alive, Ozamis mayor Reynaldo Parojinog denied ever dabbling in illicit drug trade. He, however, never denied that he maintains a private army. And surely, the Parojinogs never denied or even made amends when someone reminds them of their sordid criminally-laden past. Who are the Parojinogs, and why, after all these years,... Continue Reading →

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