Duterte resigns if detractors present proof of son’s ties with smuggling

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte offers to resign should detractors present documentary proof of son, Davao vice mayor Paolo's alleged involvement in illicit activities. This came about after Paolo Duterte's name came out during a Congressional hearing about the 6.4 billion peso shabu smuggling scandal involving officials of the Bureau of Customs. The controversial witness of... Continue Reading →

North Korea threatens US and its allies: ” We’ll nuke them if they join US in harassing us”

Like a boy with his new found toy, North Korea didn't mince words when it threatened the United States and its allies of a nuclear attack if the US starts moving against it militarily. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, described by Philippine president Rodrigo Roa Duterte as "crazy," is busy patting his generals in... Continue Reading →

US State Secretary to meet Pres. Duterte on Human Rights, terror and West Philippine sea

Expect fireworks today as United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson meets Philippine president Rodrigo Roa Duterte at the Malacanan palace. Tillerson, who arrived on Saturday due to the ASEAN summit of Foreign Ministers now being held in Manila, wants to discuss the human rights situation in the Philippines with Duterte, an issue which Duterte... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Trending Topics in Philippines: Drugs, Killings, Corruption and….Baby Boss?

After three days, Filipinos are still talking about the gruesome killing of Ozamis mayor Rey Parojinog, his wife and several others by PNP operatives. There are mixed reactions about the killing. Some thinks that Parojinog knew some involvement of several narcopoliticians, and was probably "silenced". While most think that the raid was an appropriate response... Continue Reading →

The Venezuelan Revolution: From Left to Right

Venezuela used to be the toast of the progressives when Hugo Chavez, a self-proclaimed Leftist, won the presidency by what he described as a "socialist revolution." In 2012, Chavez died and left the presidency to the care of his vice president Nicolas Maduro. Maduro, who claims that his administration is the continuation of the Bolivarian-inspired... Continue Reading →

2 Governors, 2 Congressmen and 5 mayors next in PNP anti-drugs target list

Two governors, two Congressmen and five mayors from the Visayas and Mindanao are now next targets of the Philippine National Police anti-drugs campaign, a deep source told Philippine Observer. A big-time businessman based in Cebu is also being hunted down by a special force created by the PNP to run after big-time drug lords and... Continue Reading →

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