Will the Cavs silence their detractors? They failed.

watch-warriors-vs-cavs-2018-online-live-streaming-tv-channels-start-time-oddsThe Cavaliers are down 3-0 in their finals battle with the Golden State Warriors. They nearly broke the Warriors’ momentum in Game 3, but just like the first two, again, they fell short.

People are whispering that Lebron James, the Cavaliers’ star player, seemed dispirited during their last game.  People’s reactions are mostly brutal. They blame the entire team except LeBron who always do his darnest best every, single night. Others say, the team is broken.

As I’m writing this, the Cavs are buried in twenty plus points, no thanks to the awesome plays by the Warriors. With still five minutes left, the Cave pulled James out an obvious sign of acknowledging defeat. What probably convinced the coaching staff is the multiple tries made to the 3-point line of Corver which failed.

While many would blame the rest of the team for not providing James of much needed support or simply lacking spectacular talent, I dare blame the King for failing his team. King is supposed to lead. While he tried for the first two games, LeBron practically threw in the towel on Game 3. That game broke James and he failed to recover on Game 4.

What are the things which Cavaliers really lacked?

First, they lack a smart play setter. The Cavs can’t expect a James to do it for them. They need a fast point guard who will provide James the opportunities he need to score.

Second, they need reliable tall players, who will dominate the boards. Love is too tired to do it and Green can’t really hack it.  The Cavs missed too many second chance near the board shots.

Third, they need one more dominant forward who will provide as a backup for James. Someone like a James Worthy or a Scottie Pippen.

Fourth, overall the Cars need psychological counseling. No one wanted to shoot the ball. Players are supposed to be risk takers. No one wants to take the risk, which is truly odd.

Lastly, I think it is better for the Cavaliers to just let LeBron go. LeBron may be the game’s best and the most prolific legend but he shows that he is too tired or too old maybe? to provide leadership for this team.

Next season, will the Cavs still bounce back? Will LeBron chose to go to another team to stick it out with the Cavs?

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