Why is the Golden State Warriors the best team now in the NBA?

901013924.jpg.0When the Golden State Warriors team was battling the Houston Rockets for the right to face the Cleveland Cavaliers for the 2018 NBA Finals, many thought that the Cavaliers had a chance of frustrating the Warriors in their “mission” of clinching their second consecutive championship. The Warriors had a hard time demolishing the Rockets who displayed extraordinary courage and skill during the playoffs.

What many failed to see is that the Cavaliers was worse off than the Warriors. The Cavaliers battled a highly organized team in the person of the Boston Celtics whose young players displayed tremendous camaraderie and exemplary performance. When I saw how those young players fought well against a seasoned team like the Warriors, I was made to believe that they deserve a slot into the championship. What I am certain about is that the Boston Celtics team is a future NBA championship team because this early, it has shown championship caliber plays.

So when the Cavaliers stepped in that hardcourt, it was already a very tired team. It took a very long time before this team managed to recover and it was trying to recover on Game 3, but they were so affected by the near victory and the flawless plays by Steve Curry and NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant that they lost their soul. They lost their will to fight. Unlike the Warriors, the Cavaliers was not a team that can very well absorb defeat and criticisms. They have, I believe, some very insecure players there who can’t seem to defeat their demons.

It’s easier to accept that a better team beat you due to points, but it is not if that team robbed you even of your spirit. That is what happened here, and that’s why it is a heart breaking loss.

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