Anthony Bourdain


There will be no more stories from Anthony Bourdain, stories that not just fed our hearts and minds but created sweet and delicious memories.

The guy just left without placing a reservation in heaven. He took everything with him, and just gave up.

At 61, Bourdain is still young. But, he had enough. He traveled the world in search of ambrosia. He tasted the world and found it bitter.

In an interview with him, Bourdain told the world about his weakness, an addiction to a food which harms the body but enriches the mind. That addiction almost took his life. When he saw his daughter though, Bourdain thought that there is still a reason for a guy like him to live.

He lived for his daughter. We don’t know why he suddenly thought that it is time to go. Probably, there is no more place on this earth for him to explore and enjoy its tastes? Whatever taste Bourdain wants, maybe God would give him that privilege to savor.




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