Duterte poster boy of the Arroyo corrupters: Death to democracy when ouster plans succeed against Chief Justice Sereno

Are we simply too stupid to learn nothing from History? Are we toying with our politics and making it a tool of the Foolish for revenge, sacrificing political stability over ego?

Duterte is being used by those who were hurt during the anti-graft campaign of the previous administration. The old man of politics is probably just a willing spectator. What they don’t know is that this campaign against the Highest Court’s youngest Chief is causing so much stress upon democracy that eventually this will turn into a constitutional calamity.

This latest attempt at ousting a Chief Justice from power is undermining the entire judiciary. The effects of such foolishness is long-standing. With a bruised Supreme Court, now experiencing its second civil war, what then will happen?

Everyone knows this latest caper is nothing but part of a man’s ambitions of being Chief himself and I am referring to Gloria Arroyo’s man, Justice Antonio Carpio. Carpio, according to several sources, want nothing more than to be Chief Justice before he goes on retirement. For the man, this is not about money anymore but an insatiable thirst for power. And surely a sweet massage of his enormous ego.

Following the Constitution, Sereno will only leave the Supreme Court at the ripe old age of 70 which is years from now. Carpio, meanwhile, is 69 years old. He enjoys Duterte’s attention because like him, Carpio is a Davaoeno. Two things going for Carpio–he’s Arroyo’s closest man at the Supreme Court and a fellow Davao-eno of president Duterte.

Of course, those who wait along the sidelines of Malacanan know that it is only the Supreme Court that remains a standing pillar for Philippine democracy in these times when all signs lead to autocracy. The plan is as clear as the bright blue morning— if all else fails, declare an autocracy. Federalism is supposed to cure the constitutional deficiency of the Arroyo-Duterte conspiratorial regime. With the Constitutional review panel themselves in utter disarray, confusing Presidential systems with parliamentary and republican with federalist, things are not going to the liking of honest men behind Duterte. They want the system changed, but Duterte, either lacking in brain power or simply too lazy to dispense a judicious decision, threw the responsibility out of his window and unto the unstable hands of a confused former Chief Justice. And the clock is ticking.

Who wins if Sereno suddenly breaks down (as what some expect) and throw in the towel? It’s the rapacious Arroyo gang who stands closely behind Duterte. As they say, it’s happy days again. Death, however, to democracy.



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