Top 5 Useless Filipino Senators of all time

This list is not exhaustive. There is no ranking here, only a list. Criteria are based on incompetence, graft and corruption charges and record as a legislator. List is based on popular opinions and views. Let’s get started.

  1. Senator Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. We harbor no bias against popular people eventually campaigning and winning in politics. Senators Robert Jaworski and popular artista  Probably, our people have this mistaken notion that those they elect ought to be “popular” because we live under a democracy. One such person is multi-awarded pugilist Manny Pacquiao. He may be good in the ring, but he sucks as a legislator. He does not deserve our time. Just listen and watch him during Senate hearings, and you’ll understand why he’s in this list.
  2. Senator Lito Lapid. Yes, he won a senate seat twice proving to all that he is extremely popular. Unfortunately though, Lapid was one of our underperformers as legislators. He may have been good as a governor but he messes things up as a senator. Ask yourself—any bill which we remember him with?
  3. Senator Vic Ziga. Ziga who? I pity this guy. He was one of our country’s most promising legislators. However, when he became a senator, nothing was heard from him.
  4. Senator Raul Manglapus. Compared with the previous three, Manglapus was a former politician rock star who hit rock bottom when he, as Foreign Affairs secretary of then former President Cory Aquino, told a throng of stunned diplomats that Filipinas who are being raped abroad should just lie and enjoy it. Someone even said, Manglapus should have been given the boot for expressing his lurid thoughts in public.
  5. Senator Jinggoy Estrada. Test yourself–any bill attached to his name that benefitted us? Any happy thought whenever his name is mentioned? Two things come to mind–Napoles and public funds.

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