Top 10 Pinoy Rock Stars of all time

For me, these are the best Filipino rock stars of all time, and I mean all time. They may be a band or just a rock star but they represent eras. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 Pinoy Rock stars of all time.

  1. Dong Abay of Dong Abay Music Organization or DAMO. Formerly of the legendary band Yano, Abay is the most creative lyricist of our time. His repertoire of punk rock songs are some of the most creative pieces ever to be aired in the Philippines. You may not agree with his looks, but everything about Abay speaks rebellion against all conventional ideas. Abay challenges you to think and revolt against the system, a dye-in-the wool punk!
  2. Eraserheads.  Some say they actually sound like the Beatles, but Eraserheads introduced the sound that other bands followed soon after. They are the greatest and the most popular band in the country twenty years ago and continues to influence many aspiring artists and singers. Eraserheads began as a punk rock band and morphed into what we call metal punk rock to what we now hear today.
  3. Mike Hanopol and the Juan dela Cruz band. They represent the era where our country was under martial law. Credited for introducing the “project” sound, Mike Hanopol and the Juan dela Cruz band redefined Pinoy music to a level never before seen.
  4. The Dawn. They did not waltz thru but they blazed thru the Pinoy rock scene with “Enveloped Ideas” and other songs that introduced a whole new generation of young minds to the new wave/alternative music genre. Even at 30, the Dawn still dishes out immortal songs that appeal to all of us, who understands.
  5. Sugarfree. From “Hari ng Sablay” to the wonderful ” Wag ka nang umiyak”, Sugarfee songs are absolutely sweet, sour, and bitter all at the same time. Their songs are for ordinary guys and gals out there who suffer hardships and pains brought by strained relationships. Their songs are some of this generation’s most creative and wonderfully written lyrics. They are immortal man.
  6. Asin. I never tire of listening to Asian songs played in hundreds of bars throughout the country. Asin songs are some of the most covered songs in the history of this country. It’s just sad that it’s lead singer died suddenly, ending a career that should have produced more songs that appeal to the inner Pilipino in all of us.
  7. The Teeth. This band have spunk. This band rocks. Their songs tell stories of our younger days when we use to google at beautiful and sexy women and dreamed of spending lustful times with her. Or, just spend drinking with buddies.
  8. The Youth. Is Jesus alive. Dong Cruz, the band’s lead, may have actually created a cult of neo-hippies among the present crop of millennials. The Youth is pure ecstasy.
  9. Kamikazee. Their performances always electrify. The devil may care attitude of the band may not be reflected in their songs, which are pang-masa. Kamikazee is the first Pinoy rock band whose songs appeal to OFWs.
  10. Gloc9. You may wonder–why is a Rapper included here? Well, Gloc-9 is not just a rapper. Just like his idol, Francis Magalona, Gloc-9 fused rap together with rock and what came out was just pure art! Want to understand the lives of Filipinos living in the underbelly of Filipino society? Find a copy of Gloc-9 songs.


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