Katryn Bernardo’s star continues to soar

Katryn Bernardo really looked lovely during the Star Magic Ball 2017. I think this is the best time for her to go on separate ways with her long-time on and off beau, this young guy named Padilla.

Padilla’s star has since waned. That’s expected. He is what others call “flash in the pan.” And why did he wasn’t able to really develop his career? Padilla unfortunately is being mishandled.  His handlers opted for the fast route towards stardom. Unfortunately, just ike an esperma candla, Padilla’s star lasted for only two hours worth of media time.

Katryn’s fate, however, is different.

This girl is beautiful. She’s beautiful in a most delicate way. She got spunk. Her face is her greatest asset. Whenever you look at her face, Katryn exudes an inner beauty and sexiness.

Katryn has been featured in several lifestyle magazines. Check them out.

ABS-CBN 2 has a mother lode and Katryn is it.



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