Philippine president Duterte keeps billions in illicit bank accounts–AMLC

The Philippines Anti-Money Laundering Council or AMLC discovered a trove of bank accounts allegedly being kept by President Rodrigo Duterte which run by the billions of pesos.

The AMLC is the governmental agency of the government of the Philippines tasked in investigating anomalous financial transactions not just by government officials but also by local and international criminals.

Recently, the agency began investigating Mr. Duterte’s accounts and accounts being maintained by his children, Davao mayor Sara Duterte, vice mayor Paolo Duterte and youngest son, Baste and his live-in partner, Honeylet Avancena and ex-wife the American Zimmerman.

Based on preliminary findings, the AMLC discovered anomalous and highly suspicious account entries which, aggregated, could reach several billions of pesos.

Several quarters have asked the President to sign a bank waiver to allow further scrutiny by the AMLC. Duterte, after boasting that he has no illicit funds at local banks, refused.

In 2016, Duterte ran and won the Presidential elections after differentiating himself as the poorest candidate amongst the six others. He has since shifted his story to say that, he became a millionaire when he was only seventeen years old shortly after his father died. Duterte boasts of getting at least 3 million pesos from the sale of the estate of his father, a former Davao governor.

Instead of directing answerably these allegations, Duterte is on a warpath casting aspersions against Senator Antonio Trillanes IV who was the first one to dispute Duterte’s claim of being a pauper presidential bet.

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