PH President son member of Chinese Triad–Senator Trillanes

Paolo Duterte, the eldest son of Philippine president Rodrigo Roa Duterte, is allegedly a member of the dreaded Chinese drug triad.

This is the allegation made by Senator Antonio Trillanes at the Senate blue ribbon committee hearing where Paolo and his brother-in-law Atty. Mans Carpio attended. Duterte, who is now the vice mayor of Davao, and Atty. Carpio were summoned by the Committee chaired by pro-Duterte Senator Richard Gordon after their names were mentioned by House witness Mark Taguba.

Taguba, in his earlier testimonies, told the Senate that Paolo’s and Man’s names were mentioned by two of members of the alleged Davao Group who brokers for smugglers at the Bureau of Customs. Taguba is the customs broker whose shipment was found to include machinery containing 650 kilos worth of high grade metamphetamine hydrochloride or shabu.

In proving that Paolo is a member of the Asian triad, Trillanes asked Mr. Duterte if he sports a tattoo on his back. Duterte said yes. When asked if Duterte is willing to show such tattoo before the Sergeant at arms of the Senate to be photographed and sent to the US Drugs Enforcement Agency, the young Duterte said “no way.”

Tattoos are considered skin art and is supposed to be shown. Those who had tattoos say only those with “ritual tattoos” refuse to show their tattoos publicly.


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