Malou Tiquia’s expression of love to Duterte

Ninety percent of Pinoys love President Duterte, that’s according to self-proclaimed political analyst Malou Tiquia who heads Publicus Asia Incorporated. Just recently, Publicus released survey results of about 1,500 respondents interviewed. And what is the survey wanting to know? Who among our leaders do people love? And the people have spoken–Duterte by a thousand mile. Only 5% reportedly considered Vice president Leni Robredo.

I don’t know with you but come on! Is’nt obvious that the survey was a contrived one? I mean, everyone knows that Tiquia wants to be close to the “Powers-that-be” and for what, you asked? Of course, gets some juicy government PR contracts.

And even if the survey is indeed true, then, all the more that I will not trust Publicus of Tiquia with all my PR needs. Imagine, releasing such surveys at a time when there is a widely held perception that Mr. Duterte’s ratings are going South and with numerous groups protesting against the President, it would be of no surprise if people would really think of this survey as a desperate and crass attempt at stopping the slide down of Mr. Duterte’s rating. Worse, this would put Tiquia in a very bad light because it would really tight widely held perception that she’s desperate to land a job there at the center of political tumoil.

Just the same, Eon Group’s ” Philippine Trust Index was released today, August 29, and just like Tiquia’s baby, it came at a wrong time. By the way, Eon had its spat with government last year when DBM secretary Benjamin Diokno wanted them out of the ASEAN event management contract.

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