World War 3 is upon us–hacktivists. Really now?

Hacktivists such as Anonymous are at it again. In a recent video, the group claims that World War 3 is upon us, and it will start by this annual joint US-Sokor military exercise, which they believe, would be misunderstood by North Korea.

When is this expected to happen? This coming September. What makes this sticky and viral? Well, someone from the Christian denominals in the United States is also spreading his interpretation of Revelations, saying that the coming of Christ will happen on September 23rd this year when a fearful and terrible sign in heaven is expected. Of course, those who read their bible know that the coming of Christ is predicted to precede a war, and many believe that that war is this impending conclusion of both the North’s and the United States’ saber-rattling over the past few weeks.

While tensions have considerably ebbed, still, many people, particularly Anonymous think that this is just a “calm before the storm” thing. They shared several things happening around the world particularly those happening domestically on state actors involved in this US-Nokor war of words. They say the US has prepared for a Nokor invasion, while on the other side, the Chinese are gearing up for war. Australian forces are on alert while several other countries, like Japan, are conducting emergency drills.

Of course, ordinary folks like us would probably shudder at the thought of a human catastrophe just a step away from our doors. Those fatalists among us would just, well say shit happens while those who terribly made their lives a mess and want nothing more than repent, may probably consider something like preparing their bunk houses or buying weapons.

What’s happening on the global stage does not preclude to another world war–it is just what Waltz, an eminent International Relations theorist, describes as a swagger. States act in a swaggering fashion for self-defense purposes. Why? Schelling thinks this is part of diplomacy, a way of interstate bargaining to prevent an outbreak of hostilities between and among states. When every state brandishes its weapons of mass destruction, it is doing so, not to taunt other states to react in a violent manner, but to convey a message–act belligerently against us, and we’ll crush you to smithereens. For both of us to survive, both must bargain towards cooperation instead of annihilation. You restrain your troops, I”ll restrain mine. That causes peace–when states are in cooperative and interactive ventures to protect themselves from themselves.

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