Possible US-Nokor war just saber-rattling between two jerks with messed up hair

So, the world is just being taken for a ride by two guys with weird hairdos—US president Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. And seriously, it is expected.

Trump is losing sleep over domestic issues, particularly now after violence broke out in Virginia. Nazis and white supremacists are rampaging all over the confederate state of Virginia and are being met by another armed group, this time, from the opposing fence.

Meanwhile, Trump’s supposed adversary, Kim Jong Un, sports a flat-top and is equally being pressured not just by domestic issues, but by his military. The Kim’s support base–Nokors traders–want to negotiate better concessions with the US in exchange for not using their ICBMs against Americans. As what F. Zacaria of CNN describes this as “the Art of the Bluff”, which, obviously both gentlemen can deem themselves experts par excellence. Kim has been into it since 10 years ago, and his adversary is not one to be messed up with. While, you know Trump—for all his adult life, he has been living off bluffing people with his thunder and lightning speeches which, if you analyze, do not, in any way, happen. Meaning, these two grownups with infantile minds, are all that–hot air.

Trump knows he can’t strike first which is quite different from the stance he took with Syria when he ordered military action. The Middle East is an easy target because only Iran can lay claim that it has nuclear capabilities. Meaning, there is no jerk who behaves like Kim in the Middle East, no crazy man sporting a flat top, who would flip the switch in a bad hair day.

East Asia is a hard nut to crack. Any military action there has global consequences because it will definitely disrupt trade flows. Imagine if war breaks out in the Korean peninsula, where will Americans get their daily dose of K-pop? Obviously, Japan will be dragged into it due to its proximity. How will you get those anime? And surely, China will also join the fray because it has a mutual defense treaty with the North Koreans. Imagine its impact on the world’s food, clothing and shelter needs?

So, no. These two guys would lose sleep fighting over who sports a better hairdo but surely, they are not crazy enough to cause a global crisis on rice? Or, are they?

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