Nokor’s nuclear missiles are basically pyrotechnics—nuclear experts

So, the world is really being bluffed. And for what reason? Blame it on Trump.

Just like what they did with previous American presidents, the North Koreans are testing how these men react when they see a small, reclusive Asian state, under a state of war, become a nuclear power. Expect that to happen with bigger states like Russia, China, Iran , India and Pakistan. But to watch it unfold in a state which most of the world see as a helpless basketcase is something amazing. I have to give credit to the North Koreans, that inspite of their economic backwardness as seen from a Western capitalist view, they managed to survive all these years and even built themselves a formidable nuclear program.

And why blame it on Trump? The North Koreans has to see it for themselves if this man, who claims and probably dreams of becoming the world’s top tyrant, is for real. As what Sun Tzu prescribes to those who want to know if a man is truly what he tells the world he is, place him in a difficult or stressful situation.

From the time he ascended into the oval office; the world remains entirely clueless on what to do with Trump. He remains an enigma, and blame it on his Communications advisers but seriously, it’s Trump’s fault. Trump is the master bluffer. And when a man of his reputation meets another with the similar character, in fact, a better bluffer, then, it creates a feeling of uneasiness among those who believe that presidents and leaders are supposed to be serious people, not jerks.

The Kims has successfully done this thing–threaten America with nuclear annihilation– since 1952. It began with his grandfather, which his father continued and now it is the younger Kim’s time to determine the mettle of the new US president. And Trump is basically playing the game with Kim.

And Trump, unknowingly or knowingly, is making a fool of himself on the global stage. Blame that on Trump’s ignorance of history. When the Nokors experience something important, says a leadership transition, it issues a strongly worded statement against the US to deflect global attention from this internal issue. Clinton experienced this and so did Obama. During the Bush administration, nothing this serious came about because the US declared a policy of tolerance and of disengagement. Meaning, Bush kept his mouth shut while the Kims threw him garbage talk.

Nokor’s colorful rhetoric is just that–all for show. It is meant to caution the world, the US, not to do anything stupid while the reclusive state undergoes a serious domestic issue.

The fact is–a team of nuclear scientists describe Kim’s ability to send a missile unto the heart of the US mainland is an illusion, meaning, hogwash.

Ted Postol, a nuclear weapons expert and resident nerd of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology agrees with his pals, Tech Univ Munich mechanical and aerospace engineer Markus Schiller and rocketeer Robert Schmucker that the North’s ballistic missiles are designed to look flashy  and trigger an international reaction, not carry a nuclear warhead. Postol even said that if at all, Nokor tries to test how capable and how far its missiles would reach the US, those missiles would only reach as far as Anchorage in Alaska. Of course, these nerds probably did not catch the news that the North is not targetting America’s frozen tundras–they are more likely to really aim for Guam which houses America’s airbombers and most of its strike forces–both air and sea (the 7th Fleet is based there).

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