Drugs behind killing of Pasay dad?

He just came out of a hospital after surviving an ambush last June 24. Sixty days later, and Borbie Rivera, a barangay captain turned Councilor of Pasay City, is dead.

In the first ambush, assailants shot Rivera while he was still inside his Ford Mustang. They spent more than 30 bullets, some hit Rivera. Despite his wounds, Rivera was able to drive himself to the San Juan de Dios hospital. He survived.

Last August 5’s ambush is different. The 39 year old controversial President of Pasay’s council of barangay captains, came home in a bodybag. Unlike the first, assailants used just four bullets, which all hit Rivera who was on wheelchair. He did not reach the Asian Hospital alive.

Southern Police District chief Supt. Tomas Apolinario immediately ordered his men to go after the assailants as sufficient evidence suggest that the killing was pre-meditated.

Why was Rivera murdered?

A source told Philippine Observer that Rivera is not exactly a saint. He lives in Binan Laguna but since he has a house in Barangay 119, he qualified and ran for the chairmanship and won. During his tenure, Rivera reportedly managed to maintain peace and order in his barangay.

No one fought him when Rivera ran and won the Liga ng mga Barangay presidency. Sources told Philippine Observer that Rivera enjoys the protection of police officials and local government heads in Pasay. He fronts a legitimate business as his source of income. However, everyone knows that Rivera dabbles in gun-running, contract killing and drug smuggling. Big-time politicians and police officials reportedly protect Rivera’s interests.

Rivera’s murder has all the elements of a contract killing, a police official told Philippine Observer. The councilor reportedly got into an altercation with two groups when he was still alive: a group of politicians who are also into drug dealing and a group of ninja cops who supply Rivera of his shabu stash for distribution in Pasay.

Anti-drugs operatives knew that Pasay remains as the dumping ground of seized shabu from various operatives in Metro Manila. These illicit drugs are then distributed to various drug pushers who then sell them in the Southern Metro Manila area, especially in hotels near casinos.

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