Comelec Chief amassed billions–ex-Wife

Is this another revenge story of an ex-wife going around town showing her husband’s dirty linen in public or as what the accuser alleges, her responsibility to the country?

We will never know. Whatever this is, Patricia Paz Bautista’s revelations are truly astounding.

Thirty five passbooks, bonds, investments abroad all amounting to unspecified billions of pesos are all Andy’s, says Patricia when she met journalists yesterday.  Everyone knows that Andy Bautista, the chief of the country’s Commission on Elections, came from a rich family.  Having foreign offshore accounts are ordinary for men like Andy who walks among other Titans in the halls of power in the Philippines.

Yet, what Patricia accuses her former husband of, is gluttony. Yes, my husband is rich and belongs to the filthy rich but not as rich as say, a billionaire? At 49 years old, it is impossible for Andy to get that much money, says Patricia, 47, especially since Bautista stopped lawyering or getting clients when he was appointed to a government post by former President Benigno S. Aquino III.  Meaning, since 2015, Bautista has been getting 215,000 a month or roughly a 150,000 peso take home pay. Even if you quadruple the amount, Andy’s salary will not really reach the billion peso mark.

That explains why Patricia went to Malacanan, according to her, as a matter of duty. She’s a Filipino citizen. She’s duty bound to report what she believes is an anomalous enrichment, possibly thru corrupt practices.

That’s what she thinks.

Andy meanwhile defended himself by saying that those monies are not his–he has been handling those funds for and on behalf of his siblings, some are based in the United States. That posh condo in California? Not his, his sister’s. He admits having offshore investments in Singapore and keeping various bank accounts in the Philippines. Will all those monies hit the billion peso mark? We will never know.

Is it possible? Yes it is.

A billion peso is just US$ 20 million in today’s forex.  Don’t tell me a decent lawyer based in the states is not capable of earning such.


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