Nilo Divina gives “fat commissions” to COMELEC Chair, says ex-wife

Is Andy Bautista getting fat commissions from his close friend Nilo Divina, founder of Divina Law? Is it illegal for the head of the Commission on Elections to get commissions from third party lawyers like Divina? Of course. Yet what Patricia Paz Bautista, estranged wife of Chairman Andy Bautista of the COMELEC believes is that... Continue Reading →

Comelec Chief amassed billions–ex-Wife

Is this another revenge story of an ex-wife going around town showing her husband's dirty linen in public or as what the accuser alleges, her responsibility to the country? We will never know. Whatever this is, Patricia Paz Bautista's revelations are truly astounding. Thirty five passbooks, bonds, investments abroad all amounting to unspecified billions of... Continue Reading →

Waning US influence on ASEAN?

Donald Trump won the presidential elections by severely criticising Barack Obama for opportunities lost in the foreign affairs department. Trump lamented how the US lost its previous position as the world's "top cop," a role which the North American power thinks it had after the Berlin wall collapsed and Bush instigated a war on terror... Continue Reading →

US State Secretary to meet Pres. Duterte on Human Rights, terror and West Philippine sea

Expect fireworks today as United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson meets Philippine president Rodrigo Roa Duterte at the Malacanan palace. Tillerson, who arrived on Saturday due to the ASEAN summit of Foreign Ministers now being held in Manila, wants to discuss the human rights situation in the Philippines with Duterte, an issue which Duterte... Continue Reading →

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