Customs Chief survives the axe

Former Captain Nicanor Faeldon who now serves under President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is still the head of the Philippines’ customs department.

Finance secretary Carlos Dominguez III says Faeldon was with him and Bureau of Internal Revenues (BIR) chief Tony Dulay when they met Duterte inside Malacanan palace. The two beleaguered chiefs of the finance’s departments got themselves in trouble when Faeldon’s group failed to intercept the entry of a shabu shipment worth 6.5 billion, while Dulay’s name got clobbered when people discovered that he was behind moves to lessen Del Monte’s tax liabilities to just 25 million when the firm owes billions worth of taxes.

Duterte cleared both and renewed his trust to the two. Faeldon became Duterte’s most trusted “rebel soldier” during the elections. The former Magdalo leader dared Senator Trillanes to a fist fight when the Senator attacked Duterte, accusing the former Davao mayor of being blood thirsty.

Both Houses of Congress summoned Faeldon to explain why a shipment with a shabby stash worth 6.5 billion went undetected and entered Philippine territory. Faeldon explained that the shipment went pass them when one of their employees, a certain Atty. Larribert Hilario, failed to enter the data unto their BOC Command Center database.

The shipment consigned with a new customs broker should have been put under the red lane for immediate inspection and not thru the express lane because it came from China and the shipment was facilitated by a new customs broker.

Faeldon told Congress that he felt responsible but short of telling Congress that he intends to resign his post. ” As a soldier, I deem this post not as a job, but as a mission,” Faeldon told Congressman Robert Ace Barbers who urged him to regain his honor by resignation.

Senator Ping Lacson disclosed that Customs officials earn at least 27,000 php per container every day. With about 10,000 containers going pass thru the country’s ports every day, Lacson accused Customs of pocketing 270 million pesos every day which amounts to about 19 billion a year, enough to bridge the budget gap if corruption is curbed in the bureau.

The Bureau of Customs is publicly perceived as the most corrupt agency of government.

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