Duterte calls on Faeldon and Congress leaders to meet him at 5pm today in Malacanan

While Congressman Robert Ace Barbers was grilling beleaguered Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon over the official’s alleged failure to confiscate a shipment filled with 6.5 billion pesos worth of drug contraband, the Congressman from Surigao received a message asking him to excuse Faeldon from the hearing, as President Rodrigo Roa Duterte wants to meet with Faeldon and Senate president Koko Pimentel and Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez at Malacanan.

Duterte also asked Finance secretary Carlos Dominguez, Faeldon’s boss to attend the meeting which is expected to take place at 5 o’clock in the evening today.

Malacanan did not say what is the agenda of the meeting. Many believe that Mr. Duterte is expected to fire Faeldon whom he appointed a year ago.

Faeldon is a former Marine Captain who took part in the botched Oakwood mutiny against former president Gloria Arroyo. He became popular when he passed photos of him inside military camps while in the lam.

In 2016, Faeldon publicly challenged his former comrade in arms, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV after the senator took liberties in hitting Duterte, who was then, a presidential candidate. When Duterte won, Faeldon took his oath as Commissioner of Customs.


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