Duterte calls on Faeldon and Congress leaders to meet him at 5pm today in Malacanan

While Congressman Robert Ace Barbers was grilling beleaguered Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon over the official's alleged failure to confiscate a shipment filled with 6.5 billion pesos worth of drug contraband, the Congressman from Surigao received a message asking him to excuse Faeldon from the hearing, as President Rodrigo Roa Duterte wants to meet with Faeldon... Continue Reading →

House Probe on Custom’s 6.5 billion shabu scandal hits a snafu

The "missing" Customs man who was asked by Deputy Commissioner Gerardo Gambala to enter the particulars of the shipment from China unto the Bureau of Customs database failed to show up at today's Congressional hearing chaired by Robert Ace Barbers. Customs Risk Management head Larribert Hilario is the one identified by Gambala as responsible for... Continue Reading →

The Venezuelan Revolution: From Left to Right

Venezuela used to be the toast of the progressives when Hugo Chavez, a self-proclaimed Leftist, won the presidency by what he described as a "socialist revolution." In 2012, Chavez died and left the presidency to the care of his vice president Nicolas Maduro. Maduro, who claims that his administration is the continuation of the Bolivarian-inspired... Continue Reading →

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