Mayor suspected of drug involvement killed: close Duterte friend next in line, says PNP

Is Philippine president Rodrigo Roa Duterte throwing his gloves off and is now marshaling the police to kill even his closest associates? This seems like it as police operatives from the Philippine National Police (PNP) region 10 disclosed that they are now looking for Cebu based businessman Peter Lim whom Duterte had close relations with. Inspite of being friends (Lim reportedly contributed millions to Duterte’s electoral war chest), Duterte still identified Lim as one of the big shots reportedly involved in the illicit drug trade.

Lim who appeared before Duterte last July of last year, has been incommunicado and has not been seen since that historic meeting with the President. Cops involved in serious anti-drugs campaigns positively identified Peter Lim as an influential drug lord who manufactures shabu and sells them to other drug lords, one of which is Kevin Espinosa, son of the slain mayor of Albuera Leyte.

In his testimony before legislators November of last year, Espinosa positively identified Lim as his source of illicit drugs. Inspite of this, police were having second thoughts arresting Lim since photos of the controversial Chinoy businessman circulated on social media showing him with Duterte. Sources say Duterte and Lim are best of friends, and even became co-sponsors in a wedding of a close Lim associate.

Duterte got brickbats from both supporters and critics alike for failing to kill or put behind bars big-name and notorious drug lords. His nemesis, Antonio Trillanes IV, even chastised Duterte as a “weakling” for ordering cops to train their guns at poor and destitute drug pushers while allowing big time drug lords do business in the country.

Seems like Duterte is hard bent to prove to his detractors that when it comes to drugs, he really means business.




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