China’s Xi calls on military to transform into elite force

In his first appearance as head of the Chinese Military Commission wearing a military cap and camouflage uniform, Chinese president Xi Jingping addressed a million People’s Liberation Army (PLA) members at the 90th anniversary of one of the world’s biggest military organizations.

Xi presided the military parade at the remote Zhurihe training base in China’s northern Inner Mongolia region where he rode from the back of a military jeep while expecting the troops. Travelling down a long strip lined with tanks, missile launchers and other military vehicles, Mr Xi — wearing military fatigues and a field cap — greeted thousands of troops. Thousands greeted Xi as he went past tanks, troops and SAM launchers.

China is undergoing a modernization program which calls for technological developments, weapons upgrades and streamlining of its million man army. China is cognizant of the needs of a modern army and some of the changes expected to take place in the PLA is the enhancement of its naval, air and sea strike capabilities.

In his speech, Xi urges the troops to further better themselves as he calls on them to strive towards developing a global elite force. He says the PLA must better themselves due to the increasing uneasiness and danger the world poses.

China has been locked in a tension over the West Philippine sea, following its aggressive structure building at the disputed islets. China claims part of the Spratlys as its own, citing several unclear historical documents. US President Donald Trump is also expressing his disappointment over China’s refusal to take part in efforts at convincing North Korea to abandon its plans of developing an ICBM with nuclear capabilities which is directly seen by the US as a dangerous and direct threat to its security.




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