5 Top Must-Have Things to survive a big disaster

One says our lives are but fleeting moments on this earth. We just don’t know when a Big One would strike us. Our experts have since pointed it out to us–it is not a question of which, but a question of when. Philvocs experts say the West and East Valley faults are ripe for a major movement which could generate a 7 or even 8 magnitude earthquake.

What would happen if a Big one suddenly hits the Philippines. Experts say 250,000 people are expected to die. More than a million are expected to get injured and millions more displaced.

Due to the severity and possibly wide area or expanse that would be affected by a “Big One,” expect food riots to break out. Expect a major disruption in social services. Food, water and electricity services would surely be affected. You’ll see people scratching, scrumping and even killing other people, just to feed and their families.

So, what are five important things to have to survive an apocalypse?

  1. A gun. Even if you are stocked with food to last you a month or so, it would all be wasted if you’re attacked by someone with a gun. Desperate people are ready to kill. Of course, do you want to just let go of your food stocks when a person trains his guns at you? Of course not! If you have a gun and people see that you are armed, these people would think twice before they harm you or your family. Best to keep a 45 caliber pistol ready and possibly an automatic rifle or if you can’t afford it, a 22-caliber hunting rifle. If your budget does not allow these, best to keep a Samurai sword or even a professional bow and arrow.
  2. Bug out bag. This special bag should be able to carry provisions for you and your family for at least a month. It should include a cooking equipment and utensils, a handy knife, some ropes, canned food stuff, emergency radio, first aid kit, and a solar charger cum light. Keep everything light. Buy stuff that are reliable and tough.
  3. A van or vehicle. There are several issues which some survivalists say about this. Some thinks that staying where you are is a best option. Others say, it is best to constantly on the move and just stay a little bit longer in a place which you think provides you with the utmost safety and of resources. Studies show that the rate of survival is much higher on the move rather than staying very long in one place.
  4. Identification documents bag. Many survival tips failed to include such a bag. What if you have the chance to go out of the country and live in a much safer place, would you pass that chance? Obviously not. Would you rather miss it by not preparing your identification documents?
  5. Tactical watch. Tactical watches are great tools in increasing your survival. It provides you with relevant information necessary in order to accomplish tasks for your survival.

Be prepared.

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