Trump’s Day: Double whammy

July 28 may have been Donald Trump’s most memorable day. He just lost the initiative when the Senate failed to vote for the passage of the “skinny bill” which could have changed the Obamacare. Trump used his political capital for this one and even asked his Pence, his vice president to personally convince their Republican allies to vote for it. Since three days ago, Pence has been seen at Congress even at the very last hour when the Senate is expected to vote but failed to muster enough numbers.

While Americans wait for things to happen at the Senate, a news report says North Korea has just successfully launched its second ICBM, a direct challenge to Trump who publicly threatened Kim Jong Un when the rogue leader ignored him and launched its first ICBM. This is the second time North Korea launched a missile which could reach the US mainland.

These two events may have convinced Trump to fire his Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. Priebus has been in the middle of a maelstrom within the White House. The former politician has tried, but failed to maintain the peace between warring factions of Trump.

Former general John Kelly has been asked to replace Priebus which did not calm nerves at the White House. Many Trump people think Kelly as incapable of keeping the peace because he lacks political and administrative skills. Some however, believes that Trump is forming his war cabinet, probably to engage North Korea and even China for defying the US.

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