Trump replaces Chief of Staff

Priebus is out, John Kelly is in. Barely a year in office, and US President Donald Trump has replaced already members of his cabinet.

Reince Priebus has been “pushed out” says the New York Times, after “failing to impose order in six months” as Chief of Staff. Trump thinks Priebus is not strong enough to impose order at the White House.

Kelly, head of homeland security, has shown his strong leadership skills which Trump thinks is fit for the job, a choice which immediately ¬†generated strong reactions from Trump’s team of advisers. A former general, Kelly does not have the political and administrative skills required for the Chief of Staff job.

Many thought that Priebus is the first of a series of firings Trump will do shortly after the Senate failed to pass the “skinny bill” which aims to change the Obamacare law. Changing the bill was one of Trump’s electoral promises.

Others think that Kelly’s appointment is a first of a series of moves aimed to form a war cabinet. Trump has surrounded himself with former generals, a first in American history where most members of the government came from the US military.

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